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Basic Support for newcomers to Technology:Windows 7/8/10 and Microsoft Office Suite training Apple OSX Operating System, iOS Device (iPhone and iPad) and Software training
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DGC is/was:    Ken Davis     John Greig  In September 1998 John and I started a small consultancy business which provided specialist educational technology support to schools. These services were provided after school hours and on weekends. During 2013 John unexpectedly passed away (see Vale link:) which necessitated a rethink of the business focus. John’s family was happy for me to retain the DGC business name as Principal Consultant but as John and I had totally different, but complimentary skill sets, a number of aspects of the original business could not be sustained. The focus is still on supporting education and learning in the 21st century but has less of the technology and design aspects. If DGC has supported you in the past and you need help please make individual contact with me and I’ll see what can be done.    Ken     
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Ken -       - 0427 068 739        - 02 6922 5083        - 4 Wallis Place Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650
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DGC can house and support the development of simple websites for small business, personal or interest group access.The server has a static web presence and is available to all web traffic. Specific web URLs can be arranged (depending on availability) at reasonable costs.
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Simple website construction
Website Hosting
Costs for website solutions and hosting are on application and through negotiation.
DGC can build simple web solutions for business or personal interest areas: The following links are samples of what can be achieved:
Website Design, Development and Hosting
Costs for the Principal mentoring role, external school reviews and school professional learning support are on application and through negotiation. Some sample pricing, external school review information and professional learning ideas can be found here.
In the demanding role of Principal it is very difficult to keep pace with the ever increasing workload and responsibilities of the role let alone keep up to date on current thinking and research in regard to education.Having someone to help support and filter recent research and provide an avenue for colleague dialogue and professional learning can alleviate this problem. DGC have the personnel to help support Principals if they believe a mentor is appropriate as part of their professional learning plan. Ken, as a Principal with 18 years experience in various schools and as a recently employed School Development Officer with DEC, has the credentials, knowledge and experience to support Principals in a mentoring role. Please use the contact link e-mail web form to enquire further as to how Ken may be able to help support you in your role as Principal.
Principal Mentor
Are you looking at building and enhancing a learning culture in your school? DGC may have the answers.  Key consultancy area:School Improvement Focus: - using the National School Improvement Tool as the main driver. Support areas for School Improvement:• Building an Expert Teaching Team • Using Data - Analysis and Discussion • Developing an Improvement Agenda • A Culture that Promotes Learning • Effective Pedagogical Practices • Systematic Curriculum Delivery • Differentiated Teaching and Learning • School and Community Partnerships • Mentoring/coaching School Principals to bring about whole school change • Feedback – Developing the Feedback cycle for teaching staff  • SMART Data training and analysis Please use the contact link e-mail web form to enquire further as to how DGC may be able to help support you and your school in building and further enhancing a culture of learning.
Professional Learning
External School Review
DGC are skilled in all aspects of external school reviews. They are highly experienced in facilitating focus group meetings and individual interviews with an emphasis on school improvement whilst including the range of views of all stakeholders involved. They are skilled in data analysis with a detailed understanding of DoE indicators as well as SMART and school-generated data. They support schools to produce clear and focused recommendations, with possible strategies, matched to the school’s needs. The DGC approach to external school reviews are: to deliver highly valued diagnostic school review reports and improvement strategies to help build each school’s internal capacity to improveto make contributions to the school’s Strategic Plans As part of the external school review process DGC uses aspects of:      •     The National School Improvement Tool      •     School Excellence Framework      •     Performance and Development Framework for Principals, Executives and Teachers DGC's methodology ensures that the review process is supportive and expertly facilitated. DGC works with the school to identify and act on factors the school can influence to help improve student outcomes. Please use the contact link e-mail web form to enquire further as to how DGC may be able to help support you in undertaking an external school review.  
OSX System/Device and Software
Costs for business support using Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office software or your Apple products are on application and through negotiation. For personal training it is $45 an hour or $30 for seniors.
Windows 7/8/10 and Microsoft Office
DGC can support individual or small groups in work or personal surrounds to better utilise the Windows PC environment. DGC is experienced in all Windows operating systems from 7 through to 10 (on a PC or tablet) and is a proficient user and instructor of the Microsoft Office suit of software applications. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher are all covered but DGC has particular expertise in Microsoft Excel and is able to provide support and instruction in the finer points of Excel in relation to using the Pivot Table aspect of the application. Please use the contact link e-mail web form to enquire further as to how DGC may be able to help support you or your staff in understanding and using the Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office applications more effectively and efficiently.
The Apple experience is alive and well in the DGC organisation. Our business is built on the Mac platform. We use and specialise in Apple products, OSX computer operating systems, iOS mobile systems and devices. We operate and use an Apple Mac mini server, MacPro, MacBook Pro, numerous iPads and iPhones as well as an Apple TV for personal entertainment.We are very experienced in using iTunes and the App store for app and software purchases and upgrades. We can provide support for all things Apple and are more than willing to support new or less experienced Apple product users in their home situation. As experienced educators we understand the learning needs of adults, especially the older generation approaching technology as a new experience and way of life. If you believe we could support you in adopting the new technology and making the most effective use of your investment please contact us. Use the contact link e-mail web form to enquire further as to how DGC may be able to help support you in making full and effective use of your Apple technology.
Professional Learning • Individual/small groups - $95 per hour, minimum 3 hours • Full day (combination of activities as arranged with the booking organisation) - $500 • Staff meetings - presentation or workshop - 1 1/2 hours - $250 • Keynote presentation - 1 1/2 hours - $500 + $150 if a workshop (1 hour) is presented on the same day. • Block work - numerous days across a term, a number of terms or the full year (combination of activities as arranged with the booking organisation: examples below) – price by negotiation       o Lead, support and develop a school self-evaluation process – 5 days (term basis)       o Develop, promote and support school professional learning team plans – 10 days (over the year) External School Reviews • 3 day reviews (all aspects as listed below inclusive) - $5000  • 2 day reviews (all aspects as listed below inclusive) - $4000      NB - Travel and accommodation is additional when the school’s distance is 100km (or one hour’s travel) or greater from the reviewer’s office, charged at           DoE specified rates. Review aspects and timeframes:• Prepare for the review days      Analyse school’s self-evaluation and other data. Confirm a review date and develop the review terms of reference, prepare a draft timetable and agenda in                    conjunction with the principal. Preparation for the review may include a pre-visit or a pre-review discussion. (6 hours) • Facilitate the review day      Undertake the review days in accordance with the agreed terms of reference and agenda. (5 hours per day) • Write review report      Using the agreed template complete a written report and submit to the school within 5 business days of review date for verification. (4 hours) • Post-review follow -up       Review presentation to staff and support for school executive to implement recommendations. (1 hour)
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